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Cryptocurrency exchange and Multi-Chain Launchpad to solve all your tasks: from exchange to leveraged trading

blockchain technology

A wide range of crypto projects for investment

ATNirex Exchange & Launchpad brings together technical teams
that build and maintain a decentralized network

ATNirex Exchange & Launchpad online platform for starting a business. Buy tokenized assets at the development stage and earn on investments in promising crypto projects

Tokenization is beneficial for both business owners and investors. Owners, through the sale of tokens, attract additional investments, and investors, in turn, receive a highly profitable investment product.

Submit your projects or invest in ready-made business ideas

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ATNirex Exchange & Launchpad — is a platform that provides comprehensive assistance and advice to project teams regarding the issuance and launch of tokens. We provide a full range of services from pre-consultation to release, support and post-listing marketing.

Our goal is to enable project teams to focus on product development and creation, while we take over marketing and user base building. We are looking for strong teams with unique and innovative ideas to develop the cryptocurrency industry. If you fit this description, apply now!






Is based
on two main

Развитие собственного бизнес сообщества 8
Development of your own business community

in the field of e-financial commerce, with the help of which each business partner of the company will be able to create an automated source of income for themselves

Развитие собственного бизнес сообщества 9
Creation of a development model, scaling and promotion

startups, investment IT companies, thanks to which each business partner will be able to create a market for itself and get a high demand for its product


Was created on
pique COVID-19

In order to enable users during a pandemic to freely earn without leaving home and effectively promote their projects on the Internet

ATNIR CAPITAL is a modern marketplace for highly profitable digital products that brings together Internet entrepreneurs and ordinary users into a business community for mutually beneficial cooperation. All potential partner companies undergo a thorough multi-stage audit for compliance the highest financial and marketing standards


Work model

Partner companies are engaged in various types of business that generate certain profits, for example, trading on the exchange, mining, development and promotion of cryptocurrencies

ATNIR CAPITAL is an intermediary between users and such companies

In this scheme, the business partner makes a profit in accordance with the marketing of the investment and partner program, the partner companies receive funds to scale their business and generate profits, and ATNIR CAPITAL, acting as a connecting link, receives a percentage of transactions made within the platform between users and partner companies

Развитие собственного бизнес сообщества 6
Accommodation request

Partner companies apply to ATNIR CAPITAL to place their products on the platform

Развитие собственного бизнес сообщества 7
Risk audit

ATNIR CAPITAL specialists investigate the proposed product and audit all risks

Развитие собственного бизнес сообщества 4

In case of a positive decision, the product of the partner company is evaluated and placed on the ATNIR CAPITAL platform

Развитие собственного бизнес сообщества 5
Promotion strategy

ATNIR CAPITAL marketers are developing a product promotion strategy and start attracting investments for the project

Развитие собственного бизнес сообщества 3
Beginning of work

After the placement of the partner company’s product, platform users get access to it and start working with it

Развитие собственного бизнес сообщества
Partner’s profit

Thanks to the scaling of the project through the marketing department of ATNIR CAPITAL, the partner project enters the market and makes a profit from the sale of its product

Развитие собственного бизнес сообщества 2
User’s profit

User’s of the ATNIR CAPITAL platform profit from cooperation with a partner project

Cryptocurrency market

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the current situation on the cryptocurrency market


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Our exclusive

For secure and anonymous transactions between users, the ATNIR CAPITAL platform has created a strong brand in the cryptocurrency market by developing the market-indexed ATNIR system

Development plans

The ATNIR CAPITAL platform is aimed at high results and looks confidently into the future. The strategic development of the company is prepared until 2025

In the period from 2021 to 2025, the platform plans to successfully bring to the market more than 20 startups, while placing more than 50 different projects in the field of digital technologies on its platform.